ways to work together.


1:1 Online coaching

Ways to Work Together

Our 1:1 coaching program is designed for:
 Those that want guidance and are ready for guidance. 
 People who are ready to stop spinning their wheels in the gym and need an intentional training program based on their personal needs, preferences, goals, and lifestyle that is evidence based.  People who are already passionate about fitness, they’re just not seeing results.  
This is for those that are ready to hold themselves to a higher standard.


Fitness coaching

• 3 Months of Fitness Programming    
• Weekly in-depth checkins
• Access to Remedy Coaching App
• Instructional Exercise Videos
• Feedback on Form & Technique
• Components of Recovery
   Assistance in Behavioral Changes 
• Evolt Body Scan in Driggs area

A great fit if you have lifting experience but you want a training program that will get you results. 




Macro coaching

balanced coaching

• Personalized Macro Coaching
• Flexible Dieting Approach
• Weekly Check-ins
• Guide to Counting Macros
• Meal Plans with Foods You Enjoy
• Evolt Body Scans in Driggs area

No food is 'bad' and there is no list of foods that are required to be successful.  You'll learn how to track macros and incorporate flexibility within your diet. 

• You'll get everything you see in         our Macro & Fitness Coaching!

 This is the option for you if you         want a personalized fitness     program and learn why and how to track your nutrition through  macro counting.   You'll learn how to  optimize your workouts and nutrition to hit your overall health goals. 




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Hybrid: Online & In-Person

A combination of in-person 1:1  and online coaching.  This combo lets you  build confidence in the gym and learn proper form and technique for each movement.  

You'll meet with your coach and decide how often you should meet for 1:1 workouts.   

Your coach will send additional workouts to you through our coaching app. 


coaching application

Ladies Lift

Gain confidence in and outside of the gym.  Learn how to lift safely and surround yourself with supportive women!

This program is offered several times a day throughout the week.
There's a minimum 2x/week commitment.  Want more? Some ladies come 3-4x/week. 

You can also follow the program in our coaching app to get in additional workouts.


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barbell club

On-going 5 day lifting program (2 upper, 2 lower & 1 full body) that focuses on squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press.

Exercise demos, coaching cues, form feedback & cardio recommendations.

Track and record each of your workouts in the app to see your progress.

Access to Remedy Training app with progress tracking features & in-app chat with a coach.


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Remedy coaching  App

All coaching options include access to the Remedy Coaching App which includes:

Workouts Delivered To You
Progress Tracking Features
In-App Chat With Your Coach
Exercises Demos w/Coaching Cues
Form Feedback



"I have always struggled with negative self expression, now I feel so much more confident, happier, and leave feeling enlightened. It is such an uplifting environment."

Little over a year ago I joined Ladies Lift at our local Anytime Fitness. Mentally not there and I was so beyond out of my comfort zone. I had always done physical training, but never strength training. I was terrified to walk into a gym and workout.
Morgan and Randi are absolutely the BEST! The programming they do is challenging but doable. They are so knowledgeable and know their stuff when it comes to form and nutrition. They have pushed me and supported me the entire way. And it’s safe to say that I know the other girls feel the same. It’s dang fun to watch the other girls progress also!
In just 4 weeks of being consistent in this class I saw a difference in my body. In just 4 weeks! I couldn’t believe it. I also never thought I would be tone again after having a couple kids. The things you tell yourself, right? They have changed my life! After I leave class I don’t feel worn out or tired. I have always struggled with negative self expression, now I feel so much more confident, happier, and leave feeling enlightened. It is such an uplifting environment. I literally owe them a huge thank you for believing in me when I didn’t. Even when our accomplishments are small they are huge to them! I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to better themselves and hang out with some kick ass women. You talk to any of us that are in ladies lift and I’m sure they will tell you the same. Ladies Lift changed my life! 

lachelle A.

"This app is awesome!"

Barbell Club:  
The instruction , variety of execiss and the ability to track your progress is great!

Mike H.

"I had no idea what I was capable of both physically and mentally!"

I've always been active and enjoyed a good workout whether it be through attending spin classes, pilates, or challenging myself on the hills mountain biking and skiing, but I had never been to a gym and lifted weights. In fact, I thought lifting weights would make me bulky or hulk like, and while that is definitely possible, it's not all that lifting amounts to. I started working out with Randi at Anytime Fitness 8 months ago and I haven't looked back. I walked in the gym for the first time knowing nothing about form or equipment, but I have gained valuable knowledge in both. I had no idea what I was capable of both physically or mentally. I have gained some muscle, but most importantly the last 8 months have given me so much more....Confidence: in every aspect of living. Knowledge: the equipment, nutrition, muscles and my capabilities. Strength: more mentally than physically. It's a lifestyle change for me! The hardest part about going to the gym is walking through the front door, but the welcoming staff and environment motivates me to keep coming back!     

Aimee w.

"I had no idea what I was capable of both physically and mentally!"

I can't say enough good things about Ladies Lift! I started for the extra motivation and new programs (which are totally awesome and REALLY WORK if you work it) but what really has me hooked even more than those aspects, is the community that has been created with it. And also, being amongst strong, badass women taking over the gym is really empowering! I would highly recommend giving Ladies Lift a try whether you're just starting out or have been lifting weights already. It's THE best.!     

Andrea P.

'aha' moment: "Have TRUST in your coach and mostly have trust in yourself.  Team work is a beautiful thing.  LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL TRANSFORM YOU."

"Thanks to coach Randi, I am working towards being in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically.  Training at Remedy has made me proud to be a woman who lifts weights.  I am strong physically and mentally and now have the utmost respect for what my body is capable of.  I have made some fantastic friends and been exposed to such a great community.
Randi developed a workout program for me and in addition, helped me change my diet.  I have lost 20 lbs and no it hasn't been easy, or happen overnight, but it has been worth the effort.  I went from 9 in visceral body fat to 4 in a year.  Throught the year Randi has changed my workout and nutrition progfram as needed to continue me on my path to being a healthier me!
My biggest realization throughout this process of working with Randi is the unconditional support, encouragement and knowledge she has given me throught this process.  

Kim B.